(Comp. C. Eder, A. Marsel)

"World Jazz"

Bari Hand Weiss.jpg


"B in P"

( Comp.A.Marsel, C.Eder)



" Pontem in Futurum"

( Comp.A.Marsel, C.Eder)

"The sound of old european music"






"Myrocc"-Audio excerpts

1.Bari horn solo intro with air pipe

2.African rhythms created with saxophone keys and breathing elements, slap tonguing technique

3.Arabian melodies

4.Big band-style wind instrument phrases

5.Collective Sax Solo


"B in P"-Audio excerpts

1. Groove -“Rhythm of Breathing” – Blowpipe

2. Powerful bass line played by midi sax and bari sax

3. Break neck melodies in uneven metre in conjunction with contemporary elements such as: multiphonics, false fingering & slap tonguing. 

4. Free improvisation

5. Fast fingering” Saxophone Solo


"Pontem in Futurum" -Audio excerpts

1. Intro with 2 electric wind instruments (EWI)

2. EWI & Clarinet

3. Funky Groove with Ewi & Barisax using 2 different delay effects in real time.

4. Bari Sax Solo

5. Melody in style of medieval music